Losing a bag is distressing for passengers, costly for airlines, and time-consuming for ground handlers and delivery companies. In 2015 mishandled bags cost airlines alone $2.3bn.

Why Baggage Solutions

Baggage Solutions software streamlines the baggage repatriation process, making it three times faster than traditional processing. Your reputation and your bottom line benefit.



The only baggage repatriation products that can be tailored to your business and your needs.

Fast implementation

It takes just days to implement Baggage Solutions software so you benefit from improved efficiency, overheads and service as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive range

Our products cover all stages of the baggage repatriation process for passengers, airlines, ground handlers and delivery companies. Each piece of Baggage Solutions software and equipment works standalone or can be integrated to deliver maximum benefit across all parties.

Exceptional service

We provide a full managed service with 24/7 availability and support so your baggage repatriation process never lets you down.

IATA R 753 compliant

Our products offer a complete audit and tracking system from initial mishandled bag report through to physical delivery of the bag to the passenger.

Our Product Range


Process missing bags anywhere

Slash the time required to process missing bags with a BagTracer mobile cart or tablet. Agents can use the cart or tablet anywhere - in the reclaim hall, a re-flight area or an off-site warehouse. Once a bag is found, the agent simply scans the tag and lets the automated software do the rest.

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Seamless, efficient bag delivery

Avoid manual, time-consuming hand-offs between delivery companies, airlines and ground handlers to return lost bags to passengers as efficiently as possible. BagRepat uses automated route planning tools to save time, while instant, automated updates to World Tracer records keep everyone informed, including the passenger.

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Automated real-time passenger alerts

Reduce call centre loads and improve customer service with BagAlert’s automated real-time passenger email and SMS alerts at every step of the repatriation process.

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Efficient self-service claim filing

Reduce queues and passenger frustration with a self-service BagLost claim filing kiosk. Automated data verification ensures crucial information is accurate and the process is as efficient as possible. Passengers are reassured by instant printing of a customs declaration form and apology letter, and options to send confirmation to their email or SMS.

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Simple online claim filing

Cut costs and improve customer service with the BagOnline web-based claim filing tool. Instead of spending 20 minutes reporting a missing bag at the claim desk, passengers simply collect a unique secure token and pin number at the desk and complete the report themselves on a mobile device or any computer connected to the Internet.

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