easyJet’s aim is to be Europe’s leading short haul airline, delivering market leading returns. In everything they do their cause is to make travel easy and affordable for their customers.

They know their customers value and want friendly service and with over 70 million customers flying easyJet each year, over 820 routes across over 34 countries, the challenge to deliver an outstanding customer experience is a big one.

This is why they introduced the easyJet BagAlert. On the very rare occasion a bag is short shipped, BagAlert will allow easyJet to keep their customers informed at every step of the way as to where their missing baggage is.

How does it work?

The system is very simple and requires minimum ground crew involvement, but has maximum impact.  7 emails and/or SMS in 5 languages to customers are generated based on the following World Tracer entries;

  • Reported missing

  • Found and prepared for a flight

  • Flight departs together with expected flight arrival time

  • Bag is being prepared for delivery

  • Bag has been collected by courier

  • Expected time of delivery

  • Actual time of delivery

Those entries will prompt an email/SMS to be sent to the customer at various points in the recovery of their baggage. 

The Benefits

Benefits identified by easyJet;

  • Improved Customer Service - customers who have lost their bag will be able to track its whereabouts until it has been delivered to them.

  • Less demands on our Lost & Found Desks 

  • Reduces Customer questions  & complaints, less time on the phone with angry customers as they already know where their baggage is.

  • Improved management oversight - easy access to reports showing status of missing baggage i.e. at airport, on route or delivered to customer. It also provides an oversight of file completion.

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