Global Baggage Solutions Ltd (GBS) is an independently owned company providing solutions to multiple aviation services for airlines and handling agents.

They provide the first point of contact, assisting airline customers who have experienced problems with their checked in baggage during their journey. 

GBS approached Baggage Solutions to work with their management team to find a solution to a very manual process. Staff were having to move the baggage to the desk/ find the tag number/ trace the tag in the airline tracking system/send out delivery information to the courier/handwrite a delivery label/close the file/move the bags to a collection point.

Baggage Solutions identified the issues and further developed the existing BagTracer application to automate most of the tasks.

GBS were the first customer of BagTracer back in 2010 and have increased the number of carts from one mobile cart, to supplying the hardware and software at all their locations.

GBS’s mobile carts and tablets are being used in 9 different terminals at 3 major UK airports

Quote from Albert Chi – Managing Director of Global Baggage Solutions Ltd

BagTracer is a great tool for our company and has dramatically speeded up the processing and repatriation process.

Baggage Claim at an Airport
Airport Staff using BagTracer
Airport empty Baggage collection conveyor belt

How does it work?


  • Processing the misrouted/mislaid baggage was a staff intensive task which at peak times proved to be a challenge

  • Incorrect/incomplete delivery data being sent to the delivery courier

  • Baggage not being labelled or labelled incorrectly

  • Airport Authorities would always be chasing the company to clear and remove the misrouted baggage from the baggage reclaim hall as quickly as possible.

  • Sourcing additional staff to process the baggage for delivery

  • Training was a major issue as it could take a month or two for a new agent to be proficient

The Benefits

  • Faster processing of the baggage – over 5 x faster than traditional methods

  • Ability to work anywhere – no need to move the bags multiple times

  • During disruption the bags can be removed from the baggage reclaim hall quickly and reduce the risk of bags piling up and causing a health and safety issue

  • Intuitive user interface – much less training required

  • Built in flight connections and addressing software

  • Labels are printed and not handwritten

  • Reduced staffing costs

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