Formed in 2010, THS Couriers is one of the leading specialist providers for airline delayed baggage repatriation services in the UK. THS Couriers is a family owned business supported by a team who have decades of experience in the airline industry between them.

THS currently handles over 100,000 bags per annum across 16 airports for numerous airlines and ground handling companies. THS support operations covering the length and breadth of the UK from London Heathrow and Gatwick airports in the South to Inverness airport in the North. Their customers include; British Airways, Emirates, Flybe, Jet2, Lufthansa, Etihad, Qatar, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Icelandair, Ryanair, SAS and Wideroe.

Quote from Lesley Muir – Director THS Couriers

“Baggage Solutions have provided THS Couriers with a fantastic service over the past 6 years. I am confident that our business would not operate as efficiently and cost effectively without using the Baggage Solutions product(s). We needed a system that could talk to the airline baggage systems from around the world, having the capability to receive and update information in real time; reducing the need for manual intervention. We needed the ability to be and remain current in an ever changing, dynamic environment by being able to constantly update the airlines tracking system and our own customer website with live delivery information - BagRepat fulfils that requirement. In addition the built-in route optimisation helps reduce the mileage driven therefore costs associated with the drivers time, fuel usage and vehicle wear and tear.”

How does it work?

THS Couriers were in search of a solution – how to convert a manual delivery and invoicing process to an electronic one, to enable the operational teams to focus on providing better customer service, improve inter- organisation communications and optimise the invoice turn-around timeframes by automating and streamlining their processes; bearing in mind that they have offices at 7 UK airports

Previously THS Couriers operated a manual booking and dispatch system, which was then fed manually to the invoicing process, however this was time consuming and difficult to track and process large volumes of baggage. 

During disruption the incoming calls increased dramatically due to the fact that they were not able to feed delivery information back to the airline tracking system, nor could they identify a bag in the system, without having to physically locate it in the warehouse. In times of major disruption the situation became a real challenge.

THS also needed the operating system to have the capability to deliver a more simplified, remotely accessible version for use at smaller airports that did not have a based depot facility, so that the drivers could still process the deliveries from these airports live, to ensure all the information from all airports serviced fed into the automated processes and all customers had access to view this information in real time.

Baggage Solutions reviewed the situation and proposed a solution that was acceptable to the company -

The Benefits

  • Improve the routing of the drivers by using the built in route optimisation application and therefore reducing the costs
  • Streamline the invoicing to the customer and driver by using the built-in invoicing application
  • Use the mobile phone application at airports of low volumes to track and trace
  • Enable 3rd parties to link into the baggage movement history so that passengers can track their baggage online

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