Automated real-time passenger alerts

Reduce call centre loads and improve customer service with BagAlert’s automated real-time passenger email and SMS alerts at every step of the repatriation process.

Automated real-time passenger alerts


End to end alerting

Reassure passengers with proactive email or SMS alerts at up to nine stages of the repatriation process, from file creation to proof of delivery.


Customise alerts with your own content and schedule for a consistent customer experience.

Integrated reporting

Easily analyse and report on performance with summary and drill-down data on missing baggage across your network.

Automated handling agent prompts

Improve efficiency with automated reminders to handling agents if key processes are not completed.

Optional courier integration

Integrate alerts and World Tracer updates for the delivery stage of repatriation by providing delivery companies with an interface (API) to the BagAlert application.

24/7 availability and support

Maintain a consistently high quality service with our fully managed, 24/7 service and support.


Enhanced reputation

Timely, proactive and tailored passenger communication throughout a frustrating and worrying process will reassure customers you care about service when it matters most.

Reduced cost

When passengers know where their missing bag is in the process, they will contact airlines and couriers less, reducing call centre loads and costs.

Increased efficiency

By automating passenger alerts, less time is spent by staff updating customers, freeing up time for other tasks.


Multiple language support

Send email and SMS alerts in up to five different languages

Customised alert content

Tailor email and SMS content to your business for a consistent customer experience.

Customised alert scheduling

Decide when alerts are sent, for example if a bag has not been found after a specific number of days.

Automated handler alerts

Alert handlers automatically if key file updates are not completed, including no forward message, no baggage delivery order, no courier collection or no confirmed delivery.

Image of Multiple language support feature.
Image of Customised alert content


  • Liaison or WTIWS – World Tracer access – set up correctly with SITA
  • Dedicated type b address – from Arinc
  • Email and SMS content for each stage
  • Translations for emails/sms