Simple online claim filing

Cut costs and improve customer service with the BagOnline web-based claim filing tool. Instead of spending 20 minutes reporting a missing bag at the claim desk, passengers simply collect a unique secure token and pin number at the desk and complete the report themselves on a mobile device or any computer connected to the Internet.

Simple online claim filing


Easy to use web tool

Easily guide passengers through the claim filing process with BagOnline’s intuitive interface and multiple language support.

Automated data validation

Minimise errors with automated address verification and automated links to live flight schedules.

Secure against fraudulent claims

Protect against fraud and reduce passenger delays with BagOnline Token Creator. Claim desk agents quickly provide each passenger with a unique token and pin number to file their claim securely online at their convenience.

Fully hosted 24/7 service and support

Maintain a consistently high quality service with our fully managed, 24/7 service and support.


Enhanced reputation

Shorter queues and a more convenient claim filing process reduce passenger frustration and improve customer service when it matters most.

Increased efficiency

BagOnline’s self-service tool with automated data verification reduces staff time at the claim or managing errors, freeing up staff for other tasks.

Reduced cost

Redistribution of resources keeps baggage repatriation costs down.


Multiple language support

Allow passengers to use the language of their choice (minimum 8 options).

Automated flight schedule link

Enable passengers to choose flights directly from live flight schedules to increase accuracy, speed and ease of use.

Automated address verification

Remove slow, error-prone manual entry of the passenger delivery address using automated postcode/zip code verification.

Secure Token Creator

Easily install the token creator on your claim desk computer so agents can provide passengers with a secure token and pin number in a customised apology letter.

 Image of Fast address verification by postcode/zip code.
Image of Automated flight schedule link function


  • Liaison or WTIWS – World Tracer access – set up correctly with SITA
  • An accessible A4 printer
  • Email address for notifications