Seamless, efficient bag delivery

Avoid manual, time-consuming hand-offs between delivery companies, airlines and ground handlers to return lost bags to passengers as efficiently as possible. BagRepat uses automated route planning tools to save time, while instant, automated updates to World Tracer records keep everyone informed, including the passenger.

Seamless, efficient bag delivery


Comprehensive tracking

Record the details of every step with BagRepat’s automated upload from baggage scanner to World Tracer at the airport, warehouse, delivery vehicle and passenger front door.

Intuitive easy to use interface

Make it easy for drivers, ground handlers, and call centre operators to capture and use the information they need to get bags back to passengers efficiently with an accurate audit trail.

Efficient, user-friendly delivery planning tools

Reduce the time spent managing delivery with BagRepat’s automated creation of a driver manifest with printed delivery docket, route optimisation, and automated data upload to World Tracer.

Customised reporting

Create precisely the reports you need to manage and report on your bag repatriation process.

24/7 availability and support

Support all time zones and shift patterns with BagRepat’s fully managed, 24/7 service and support.

Fast implementation

Start realising the benefits of BagRepat in just a few days, as our web-based application avoids complicated internal system integration without compromising functionality.


Increased efficiency

BagRepat replaces slow, error-prone manual hand-offs with integrated, automated tools that transform efficiency and productivity for delivery companies, airlines and ground handlers.

Reduced overheads

By removing manual data entry, optimising route planning and reducing call centre loads, BagRepat reduces operational cost.

Enhanced reputation

With BagRepat’s accurate, real-time tracking data, call centre staff and delivery companies can reassure passengers with specific details about their bag repatriation, demonstrating a high level of service when it matters most.


Image of bagrepat screenshot

Image of bagrepat screenshot

Image of bagrepat screenshot


Step by step baggage scanning

Scan baggage tags at multiple points in the process to enable all parties to track progress from airport to warehouse, delivery vehicle and passenger front door.

Automated delivery optimisation

Optimise the delivery process by automatically creating driver tools including the manifest, delivery docket, optimised routes and visual map, expected time of delivery (ETA) and POD capture. Upload ETA and POD automatically to World Tracer for accurate record and reporting.

Automated pricing

Calculate delivery pricing for the airline/handler and driver automatically, saving time and manual errors.

Non-delivery records

Record non-deliveries and upload details to World Tracer, keeping passengers informed, maintaining comprehensive records, and facilitating an efficient redelivery process.

Full search facility

Easily search records by file reference number or by name.

Flexible optional extras

Add optional modules to enhance functionality, including delivery status tracking on your website, airline and handler reporting access, and an automated invoicing package.

 Image of Step by step baggage scanning feature
 Image of automated pricing feature.
Image of automated delivery optimisation feature.


  • Power & Internet connection at the location
  • Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity at scanning locations
  • Will require further investigation if installing on own network