Process missing bags anywhere

Slash the time required to process missing bags with a BagTracer mobile cart or tablet. Agents can use the cart or tablet anywhere - in the reclaim hall, a re-flight area or an off-site warehouse. Once a bag is found, the agent simply scans the tag and lets the automated software do the rest.

Process missing bags anywhere


The BagTracer mobile cart is a robust, manoeuvrable solution for efficient processing of missing bags. Battery powered, with very quick recharge times, the cart has everything an agent needs to quickly and comfortably process a bag and print any necessary labels or passenger documents

bagtracer tablet


The BagTracer tablet is the ultimate mobile device for processing missing baggage. The lightweight tablet connects with live flight schedules, World Tracer and a Bluetooth scanner and printer for all the functionality an agent needs at their fingertips, in any location.


Mobile processing

A BagTracer cart or tablet brings processing from the back office to wherever a missing bag is located, from the reclaim hall to a re-flight area or an off-site warehouse.

Easy to use

BagTracer’s intuitive, touch screen interface makes it simple for agents to find or create a missing bag file and process it for delivery or re-flight, both with a passenger and behind the scenes.

End to end processing

From creating a World Tracer file to automated address verification and printing Rush tag or delivery labels, BagTracer enables your ground agent to complete all stages of the process from one device.


To ensure high levels of security, BagTracer comes with user logon and off as standard. As BagTracer carts and tablets are highly portable, it is easy to move the devices when not in use for added security.

24/7 availability and support

Support all time zones and shift patterns with BagTracer’s fully managed, 24/7 service and support.

Quick to implement

Start realising the benefits of BagTracer in just a few days, as the web-based application avoids complicated internal system integration without compromising functionality.


Increased efficiency

By bringing traditionally PC-based bag processing applications to wherever a missing bag is located, BagTracer dramatically increases efficiency, freeing up staff time and cutting costs.

Reduced overheads

Reducing the time required to find and manually process missing bags transforms operational costs as well as productivity.

Enhanced reputation

Efficient processing and modern solutions reassure passengers you care about service when it matters most.



Automated address verification

Fast address verification by postcode/zip code.

Automated worldwide flight connections

Simply select the departure and arrival airport and the software will automatically find the best flights and update the record.

Image capture

Easily capture and send an image of a damaged bag by email.


Instantly print a Rush tag, baggage delivery label, passenger acknowledgement, apology letter or customs declaration form.

Multiple file creation

Easily create the files you need, from a missing or unclaimed bag file to damage or pilferage.

Image of instant print feature for printing delivery labels, rush tags and more.
Image of Image Capture feature for sending via email.
Image of Automated worldwide flight connections


  • Liaison or WTIWS – World Tracer access – set up correctly with SITA
  • Power & Internet connection at the location
  • Will require further investigation if installing on own network